Jordan Oelke

I am an Anthropologist who focuses on human-animal relations.

In my master’s thesis (Ethnology, Leipzig University 2021), I focused on the work of NGOs in restoring and protecting coral reefs off Jamaica’s north coast through the intersection of moral and material fragmentation across human-coral relations.

At Protein Matters, I am currently working on the biosecuritization of pig-human intersubjectivities in pork production and consumption in Germany. My project takes African Swine Fever Virus as a case study of a deadly pathogen whose biohazardous threat to the production of Germany’s pork industry, and thus the economy, is debated in relation to the discursive power it lends to the industry’s proponents. Discourse analysis and ethnographic research are combined to explore the intersectoral and interregional frictions between biosecurity measures that defend factory farming, and industry restructuring towards a OneHealth model in response to climate change and zoonoses. I ask: How is factory farming being discussed and dealt with as a major contributor to those existential threats, and how are human-(protein)animal coexistences being altered in response?